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I-12 Jack J Ward
Real me

Originally published at Wander Radio. You can comment here or there.

I-12 Jack J Ward

Welcome to another episode of Wander Radio “Almost on Your Radio Dial.”

  • The Sonic Society
  • Electric Vicuna Productions
  • Audio Drama Rating System
  • Jeffrey Adams
  • John Bell
  • Bill Hollweg
  • Jeremy Yenser
  • Matt Leong
  • Shannon Hiltchie

  • Companies that already use the Rating System

  • Kung Fu Action Theatre
  • Broken Sea Audio
  • Bell’s in the Batfry
  • We talk about Pendant Productions as well. (I am a big fan – feel sorry for Jack)

    J.C. Hutchins7th Son

    Scott Sigler – (The Escape Pod Story that was mentioned)

    Indiana Jim has weighed in on this as well.

    Taylor Kent – Snark Tank Radio

    Snark Infested Waters

    Jerry Robbins – Colonial Radio Theater

    Greg Taylor – Decoder Ring Theater

    More Pendant Talk ( I think I blind sided him with this one – I am such a fanboi)

    Audio Drama Talk – Is the forums that we are talking about

    Audio Drama Review

    SFF Audio - Excellent reviews of all science fiction audio. (Hi Jesse)

    Gypsy Audio – Gwendolyn Jensen Woodard

    Vexation Audio