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Episode 52 – Marc Gunn
Real me

Originally published at Wander Radio. You can comment here or there.

Episode Number # 52

Welcome to another episode of Wander Radio “Almost on Your Radio Dial.”


Opening Set

Promo Podiobook Billy Barbarian – JR Murdock

The Listening Post

Giant Gnome Productions made Star Trek fans very happy on April 4th when Star Trek Outpost began its second season. While other series seem to be in the works from Giant Gnome, release dates remain unconfirmed.

On April 19th Pendant Productions premiered its newest original show “The Line” while three other Pendant shows The Kingery, Once Upon A Time In Vegas, and Supergirl: Lost Daughter of Krypton each wrapped up three seasons. Sadly another Pendant show, the Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater will soon be heading into the sunset. Only six episodes remain before Dixie and the Battalion take their final flight sometime in November.

Also on April 19th, the first season of “We’re Alive” by Wayland Productions came to an end. In a sure sign of its growing popularity “We’re Alive” a story of survival in a zombie infested world, recently became the 4th most popular download in The Zune Marketplace. Congratulations to everyone to the entire cast and crew of “We’re Alive”, This is a very big achievement. We all look forward to hearing from this popular show again sometime in August, Just in time to start up Season 2.

on April 29th Darker Projects debuted the third season of its horror mystery show, “Tales from the Museum”. Tales from the Museum grew from a mini-series to full season and has now expanded to a third season after fans demanded it on the Darker Projects website, so the popularity of this show is assured. Also from Darker Projects, production recently started on a third season of the Byron Chronicles, which many of its fans hope will begin releasing soon.

Rejoiner Joel Michalec

The Wander Radio Spotlight

  • Don’t Go Drinking with Hobbits
  • The Sailboat Armada

This month’s Spotlight is on Marc Gunn.

You can find more information about Marc Gunn at his website marcgunn.com

Books with Joe

The Artificial Man – By L.P. Davies

Megan’s Mix

  • Stay Soft – Sugar&Gold

  • Cryin’ Shame – Ferocious Few

  • Ships With Holes Will Sink – We Were Promised Jetpacks
  • Audio Drama Review by Alexa Chipman

    Review -Red Sands Investigations.

    Final Set

  • What Kind of Love are you Looking For?
  • What Kind of Love are you Looking For?
  • Close out