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I will be making an appearance
Real me

Originally published at Wander Radio. You can comment here or there.

You have the opportunity to talk to me live listen to me make a fool out of myself. Tomorrow night I will be on Behind the Mike the show. Here are the details

WBTM Radio Network: Tuesday June 29, 2010 – On the big show we will interview Jack Hosley who operates Wander Radio. Wander Radio is an exceptional show chock full of entertainment and we are fortunate enough to have Jack stop by and we’ll be discussing some stories from the new age of radio plus some new projects that he is working on. Stop on by and take a listen to what is happening and get some other details about Jack and his program; then you can stop on by and visit his site and take in the entertainment. If you have questions or comments for Jack or us, call us TOLL FREE (866) 417-4359!

So tune in here –


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I have an oppurtunity to see you make a fool of yourself twice a week but I'll tune in anyway.

LOL - Thanks... You forget sometimes you get more.

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