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Wander Radio Bonus Show - Year in Review 2010
Real me
A Mixtape of the best music that has played on Wander Radio in the past year.

The year 2010 has come and gone here is a mixtape of some of my favorites from the year.
Resolutions – Kobi LaCroix
Chances – Jill Barber
Shade – Marc Kuchner
Inhibition – Amanda Florian
Bitty Boppy Betty – Pink Martini
Tracy’s Lament – Seraphic Panoply
Get Over It – Stars Go Dim
I’ve Decided – Heather Edwards
“neath the Waves – Captain Black’s Sea Dogges
Cover of the Pyrates Way – Pirates for Sail
No Plan B – Manafest
Fire in the Kitchen – Manafest
Bright Red Chords – Loomis and the Lust
The Sailboat Armada – Marc Gunn
I Kissed A Nerd - The Damsels of Dorkington
It’s Hot – Danny Schade
I’ll Ask the Questions You Tell The Lies – Cee Cee James
Cos Playing Fan Gurls – Insane Ian featuring the great lukeski
Bipolar – Rausch
Tombstone Road – Shayfer James
Gravity – Geoff Smith
Fingerfight – Indofin
Nemesis - The Cal Payne Project

Here is the download mp3

If anyone here know how to include a player to these posts please let me know.

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