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So this is what free time looks like...
Real me
I have lost my job today.

Trying to figure out how to keep things afloat while finding a new job. Any job leads in the realm of Metrology/Calibration/Quality Inspection would be greatly appreciated. I am in the Tulsa area but not planted to the spot.

Also available for audio production/engineering PM me and we can talk about it.

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Ack! Sorry to hear about this. I will keep ears open.

OH NO!!! If I hear of anything at all I will pass it you way! I am sending hopes that a fantastic opportunity falls in your lap very soon!!

Sorry to hear that, man.

You really do deserve to be paid for your audio production and engineering skills. If you're not already offering them for sale on eLance and/or, you should be. I'm not on eLance (yet), but I've made $112 from Fiverr gigs since I started in January, and that's without promoting myself at all, or even putting up a video with a sample of my voice. I expect that orders for my voiceovers would increase exponentially if I went and dug out my video editing software and made a video.

So sorry to hear it - and think barbarafett's suggestions are good ones. I know it's v rare to be able to make a f/t living out of that, but it'd be a great thing for you to go for.

Hope you get something ideal very soon.

Well... one could say that sucks, Jack. In fact, I think I'll say that right now. That sucks! Kind of irrelevant to ask what happened, since it already has. Does this mean that you need to have some joy brought to your life?

I wonder if Shannon and I are doing anything this weekend...

This sucks beyond the telling of it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

May the unemployment period be short. Sorry to hear this and I *do* feel your pain.

Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

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